Kate Marshall – artist, teacher, associate artist

I have always been open to collaborations with people working in different disciplines so I was very proud to be asked to be one of the first Coombe Associate Artists alongside Belinda Lee Chapman,  but despite a passion for watching contemporary dance, I hadn’t worked with a dancer so I was immediately intrigued to see […]

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Belinda Lee Chapman – Director B2B Theatre & Coombe Associate Artist

Black and white image of Belinda Chapman dancing at Coombe Farm Studios

Very recently Lara asked if I would like to be an associate artist at Coombe Farm studio’s, along with Kate Marshall a local Devon artist. Part of the deal was that I would write a blog, I’ve been putting it off for a while, not sure if it would be interesting enough for any one […]

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It’s the start of a new development for Coombe…partly bringing some of my Dartington, Visiting Arts and British Council worlds into the Coombe Valley…   Whilst we were developing the new Coombe website it seemed a like a good time to think about what Coombe is really about, and what we will be doing over […]

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Gemma Mallol on the art of yoga

  There is so much to be learned from what is happening inside of us, from being able to feel into our internal world, from being viscerally connected. There is so much life, creativity, connection available to every human being. There is so much in this modern world that encourages somatic disconnection – that fosters […]

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Unlock your creativity

Dolphin Rock by Gerry Dudgeon

Gerry Dudgeon wrote an excellent article for Artists & Illustrators magazine titled 9 tips for Unlocking Creativity. They included; What about composition? Should you draw the imagery onto the canvass first or work totally intuitively and allow the activity of painting to dictate the arrangement of forms as it progresses? This is a tricky question […]

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Clearing out space + recycling clay

Bowl, Clay, Gloves

We had a great clear out of the studio spaces the other week prior to having a wedding in the Studios – 90 people eating, dancing and generally having a good time. It was the wedding of good friend Katrina to her partner of 17 years, Adrian. Katrina and I were at school together and […]

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