Dolphin Rock by Gerry Dudgeon

Gerry Dudgeon wrote an excellent article for Artists & Illustrators magazine titled 9 tips for Unlocking Creativity. They included; What about composition? Should you draw the imagery onto the canvass first or work totally intuitively and allow the activity of painting to dictate the arrangement of forms as it progresses? This is a tricky question […]

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I feel completely taken care of while working at Coombe, the food, the coffee, the lush environment, and mostly the helpful and talented people who take care of you.  It is a truly special artists retreat. Laurie Steen RWA  

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Earth coloured paints squeezed out to demonstrate colour hues

Skill Sharing

We run residential courses year-round in painting, printmaking and ceramics. Non residential places are also availble. All our tutors are professional artists who make a living from their art, and whilst each of them have heir own style of teaching, collectively they’re characterised by a passion for sharing their skills and demystifying the creative process […]

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Lauren's gorgeous pear dessert at Coombe

Great food, good company

A Coombe course focuses on the sharing of skills and techniques so you can advance you skills significantly at whatever level you are. It’s also about great food, good company, fantastic locations and a relaxed and friendly environment. Courses run year-round with each season providing its own unique atmosphere. The summer is our busier season […]

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Paul Riley 'The Magic of Watercolour Flowers' book cover

Lead tutor Paul Riley will have a new book published this summer (June) The Magic of Watercolour Flowers, an update of his bestselling books Flower Painting, Intimate Landscapes and The Watercolour Workshop. The book is a lush guide to a favorite medium and a popular topic that will delight aspiring artists. Not only does acclaimed […]

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Pink and red roller and glass

Studio Collective

Are you an artist living near to Coombe? Are you looking for access to a pottery or printworkshop and a creative community? The Coombe Collective is a new initiative linking together professional aritsts in the area and making our workshops available to practicing artists to make work and/or explore new art forms.

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Kate Marshall teaching at Coombe (c Malin Sjoberg)

Studios & Gallery

Our studios are located around the central courtyard, within a few yards from our accommodation. They include a large light filled painting studio, a print workshop, a pottery and a jewellery workshop.

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